Fairbanks Warmbloods Stud



UPDATED  January 2016  


Rio 2016 - National Showjumping Squad -               Shane Davidson - Fairbanks Lulu

2015  -  Australian Showjumping Championships Senior Title  - 8th overall -  Shane Davidson  - Fairbanks Lulu 


Shane Davidson  - Fairbanks Lulu

2015  -  PRARG Advance Dressage Champion  -  Russell Davidson  -  Fairbanks Rusty

2015  -  PRARG Advance Freestyle Champion  -  Russell Davidson  -  Fairbanks J'adore

2012 -  EQ Sports Star of the Year - Eventing Senior, National & International Rider of the Year -  Mattea Davidson

2012 -  EQ Horse of the Year - EventingNational Horse of the Year - Fairbanks Cargo

2012 - Qld Eventing Mare of the Year - Fairbanks Elle



Agistment available at Fairbanks  -   Contact Russell Davidson  -  0400100700


Fairbanks Stiletto & Fairbanks J'Adore enjoying the pasture





Fairbanks Rusty

Rotspon  x  Jazz

Service Fee  $2,200-00 LFG

Chilled semen by Express Post


Fairbanks  J'Adore -

Jazz  x  Contango 11


Shane Davidson - Fairbanks Pavarotti


Shane Davidson competiting on

Fairbanks Catargo @ WBFSH


Russell & Shane  -   Verden Germany


Shane & Catargo  - WBFSH Germany











Artificial Insemination


Welcome to our frozen breeding barn. At Fairbanks we house semen from some of the worlds top Sires at -196c. And through the latest technology we revive this semen to inseminate mares and produce top quality competition horses right on our doorstep. Related to World-Class competition horses to numerous here to mention.

Chilled or frozen semen is a world wide recognised technique of breeding horses, which is becoming more and more popular. The longer we can store semen and retain its fertility many windows become available to us. The process, of collecting and transporting semen becomes more flexible, it provides us with the opportunity to choose from a larger selection of Sires, thus enlarging our gene pool, and we also have a better chance of synchronising the collection and transportation of semen with ovulation. With the use of frozen or chilled semen it is possible for us to choose between stallions.

All frozen or chilled semen is subject to availablity, for a full list please contact us

Veterinary procedures if required are performed by the following Vetinarians  -  FEI  Dr Janine Dwyer  &   Dr Mattea Davidson